When you drink it, you can’t help but go “Whaaaaaaaaaat”

It’s so refreshing, at the first sip you’ll wonder if we’re messing with you (no, it’s not just sparkling water)

A natural hard seltzer with less than 5 percent alcohol, no sugar and no carbs

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Wati is: Alchemy

For as long as people have been on this earth, they have been trying to transform simple and common things into something more precious.

It has been a long and complicated work, but as in everything, simplicity has been the keystone: water, alcohol and a splash of natural ingredients.

From lead to gold, from Water to Wati.
Who is WATI for?

For those who love themselves

For those who love to do sport and don’t want to give up a treat after sport

For those who love to be surprised

For those who don’t want to ingest too many calories but love to have fun

For those who do not like to drink other alcohol

WATI production cycle

This is why WATI is unique

We use water from our mountains: the Alps

We distill the alcohol directly from the Baladin beer that wasn’t sold because of the Coronavirus

We select the best natural ingredients with our partner ALAYA BAY

We create a low-calorie blend, with no added sugar and incredibly refreshing

We create a blend, low-calorie, with no sugar and incredibly refreshing

WATI is unique:

No sugar or sweeteners

100% natural

Water from the Alps

No additives or unknown ingredients

High quality alcohol distilled from craft beer

Choose your favorite flavor!

Hard Seltzer is a drink as simple as it is innovative

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From Water to Wati

In front of the Swiss waves of Alaia Bay the WATI project was born!

Pushed by the strong desire to create an alcoholic drink, with very low calories, zero sugar and zero carbs; a drink that could be drunk and appreciated by sportspeople without any sense of guilt; a drink that could beloved by those who love themselves and, at the same time, do not disdain a drink with friends.

Three natural products, characterized by an ease of drinking never seen oreven desired before.

On these thoughts was born the name Wati: the product, in its complexity, is basically an alcoholic and flavored sparkling water; when you drink it, however, it surprises you, it “makes you say Whaaaat”