How was WATI born?

The alcoholic water that makes you say “Whaaaaat”

Italy faces the CoronaVirus pandemic, even before the rest of the world.

Restaurants and businesses close, waiting for better times. In Piozzo, in the Langhe region of Italy, is based Baladin, the first Italian craft brewery; there we had hundreds of kegs in stock ready to be shipped to customers all over Italy and beyond. Unfortunately, the weeks of closure weren’t just “a couple” and we needed to do something with this beer, which had been sitting in the warehouse. We wanted to give it a second life and not waste the months of work that start from the fields in Basilicata and Piedmont and end up on tables all over the world.

So, Isaac (son of Teo, founder ofBaladin) went to his father and with great conviction announced that he had found the way to transform this difficult moment into an opportunity to create something new.
It doesn’t take much to convince Teo when it comes to innovation and he gets carried away by the enthusiasm of this new challenge. Our young man picks up his dad and takes him across the Alps to Switzerland.

We arrived in Switzerland and went to see “Alaia Bay” in person for the first time: the first surf beach in Switzerland and also in Central Europe. We were blown away. A crazy and truly unique project: a facility of thousands of square meters where people can live as if they were on a Caribbean beach, surfing, drinking in a bathing suit while watching the snowy Alps.

In front of these Swiss waves the WATI project was born!

With the strong desire to create an alcoholic drink, with very low calories, zero sugar and zero carbs; a drink that could be drunk and appreciated by athletes without any sense of guilt; a drink that could be loved by those who love themselves and, at the same time, don’t disdain a drink with friends.

We designed the first flavors together with Adam, founder of Alaia, tasted hundreds of recipes to finally arrive at the 3 definitive ones: red orange, green apple and mountain hay.

Three natural products, characterized by an ease of drinking never seen or even desired before. On these thoughts was born the name Wati: the product, in its complexity, is basically an alcoholic and flavored sparkling water; when you drink it, however, it surprises you, it “makes you say Whaaaat”.

From Water to Wati