WATI – Orange


The Mediterranean enclosed in a can!

Close your eyes and imagine:you’ve just finished surfing on your favorite beach, the sun is blazing, you’re taking off your wetsuit and the adrenaline rush of the last wave still runs through your body. Everything is perfect but something is missing, your throat is a bit dry and you really need something to end your session in a perfect way.
You hear the clack of the can and take the first sip of orange Wati, now your whole body is satisfied, you run to sunbathe and enjoy the last hours before sunset.

Orange Wati is also sugar free and has very low carbs..

An alcoholic beverage that has fewer calories than a fruit juice


Carbonated alcoholic drink with Sicilian Red Orange juice (0.5%)

Format: 330 ml

Calories: Less than 90Kcal

Alcohol: 4.8% Vol.