Welcome to WATI

You are on this page because you probably want to understand more deeply what Wati is and what a Hard seltzer is.

For European tastes it is a new product and therefore we feel it is necessary to explain it.

Hard Seltzers were born on the surf beaches of California, with the purpose to create an alcoholic beverage which did not exist before. Very easy to drink, suitable for athletes because of the low calorie and sugar content (we at Wati have gone further and our product has ZERO sugar) and alsowith a very very good taste.

So, fascinated by what was happening on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, we built a truly extraordinary team to create our Hard Seltzer.

We combined Baladin’s beverage expertise and the young genius of Alaia Bay (the world’s first mountain front surf beach in Switzerland) to bring this huge cultural revolution here in Europe.

WATI production cycle

This is why WATI is unique

We use water from our mountains: the Alps

We distill the alcohol directly from the Baladin beer that wasn’t sold because of the Coronavirus

We select the best natural ingredients with our partner ALAYA BAY

We create a low-calorie blend, with no added sugar and incredibly refreshing

What to expect from drinking Wati, you wonder?

You’ll go WHAAAAT, guaranteed!

The reason is simple, the recipe is very carefully constructed and we’ve designed it to impress.

Depending on the flavor you choose (green apple, mountain hay or red orange) you will smell a very good natural scent. By drinking Wati (a very fresh can) you’ll feel likeyou’re sipping sparkling water with a light infusion of your favorite flavor.

The WOW effect, however, comes when you realize that you don’t feel even a hint of the alcohol contained in Wati, you will just feel like you are drinking a refreshing flavored water. And we assure you, you’ll drink up a can in no time!

If you are a curious person, open to new things, sporty, careful about your shape or simply a person who does not like the taste of alcohol and alcohol in general, Wati is for you, guaranteed!